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Our Picks for a Totally Transformative Kitchen Makeover

At Kitchenroom we are big fans of what we call a Kitchen Makeover. Making over your kitchen allows you to totally revamp the look and style of your kitchen by updating the key elements within it, such as doors and worktops within a very short space of time and at a lower cost than a fully redesigned fitted kitchen. We have been offering this service for some time now and have found it to be an incredibly popular choice for customers seeking a new look, without the significant upheaval.

Kitchen makeovers work really well because often the layout of the kitchen works brilliantly and the cupboards remain in good condition but the style of the doors may feel dated, or simply not to your taste. Over time wear and tear becomes apparent on worktops or doors and there may be some cosmetic issues you would like to remedy and freshen up. A kitchen makeover also gives you the opportunity to change other key elements such as worktops, sink and taps if you wish, meaning your kitchen really can look totally transformed in just a few short days!

Which kitchen styles can I choose from?

The great news is that the vast majority of our kitchens are suitable for Kitchen Makeovers! With over 20 different styles to choose from you are bound to find something you absolutely love! The only types of kitchen doors that are not suitable for a kitchen makeover are In Frame doors. In frame kitchen doors are built to sit within the front of the kitchen cabinet. Other types of doors are called ‘Lay On’ doors, all of which are suitable for fixing to existing cabinetry.

If you love the look of in frame kitchens, but are keen on a kitchen makeover, don’t fret, as we have the perfect option to achieve your desired look – all will be revealed below!

This sounds great – which styles would you recommend?

As we’ve mentioned above, the vast majority of our kitchens are suitable for the Kitchen Makeover service, so you’re spoiled for choice! There are however a number of kitchens from our range that we think really pack a punch when making over your kitchen. Here are a few of our recommended top picks for your kitchen makeover, and the reasons why we love them.


The Aconbury is one of our biggest selling kitchens in our modern range both for fully fitted kitchens and kitchen makeovers. The Aconbury is a handleless J-Pull design which is an incredibly popular choice with customers at the moment as its clean lines and fuss-free look make it the ideal door for a contemporary kitchen. It has a matt finish and is available in six stock colours, as well as being eligible for our paint to order service, which includes 26 colour options. The stock colours are Porcelain, Savanna, Graphite, Light Grey, Mid Grey, and Silver Grey, which are all fabulous tones for creating a modern, calming space. The doors are made of painted MDF and are 22mm thick.

Click here to see further details on the Aconbury.


Our Barnes kitchen is a traditional, beautifully made shaker kitchen, with the doors and end panels crafted from solid ash wood. If you are looking to give your kitchen a luxury, timeless look then you will not go wrong by choosing the Barnes style, with the gorgeous wood grain peeking through the painted finish, celebrating the natural materials.

The Barnes kitchen features 20.5mm thick doors and comes with a matt finish. It is available in four stock colours, plus 20 paint to order colours. It also benefits from the RAL colour matching service, should you have a very particular tone in mind. In our opinion the four stock colours are stunning choices, representing modern colour trends. They are Putty, Baltic Green, Seal Grey and Soft Grey.

Click here to see further details on the Barnes.


Similarly to the Barnes, the Broadoak kitchen is made from solid wood, making it perfect for those who like the grain of the wood to show through. The reason we love it however is because it is available in a massive 35 paint to order colours! It also features a lovely added v-groove, adding an extra point of detail to the shaker style door.

The Broadoak doors are made of a painted solid oak wood, which looks every bit as impressive as it sounds. They have a lovely solid feel to them that reminds you of its quality with every close of the door. The style is also available in four stock colours. These are Alabaster, Partridge Grey, Stone and Natural.

Click here to see further details on the Broadoak.


In frame kitchens are an incredibly popular choice with customers at the moment, however they are unfortunately unsuitable for kitchen makeovers. If you love the look of an in frame, and the ease of a makeover, we have the perfect solution for you with the Chartwell. The Chartwell is a solid wood door which has been cleverly designed to mimic the look of an in frame kitchen with the frame style feature around the edge, giving you the look you love in a lay-on door!

The Chartwell is made of painted ash wood and has a matt finish. The doors are 20.5mm thick and it is available in four stock colours, as well as the paint to order service. The stock colours are Putty, Baltic Green, Seal Grey and Soft Grey, all of which perfectly fit a traditional contemporary interior.

Click here to see further details on the Chartwell.


We love the Cosdon because it is such a versatile kitchen style, no two ever look quite the same. Made from MDF, the Cosdon is available in either a matt or gloss finish and is significantly more durable than other similar looking kitchens on the market as it is painted, not vinyl wrapped. At Kitchenroom none of our kitchens are wrapped as we believe these are of inferior quality. The other great thing about the Cosdon is that it can be fitted either with or without handles, which totally transforms the finished look.

Versatility is the name of the game with this kitchen, with the 19mm thick doors available in six stock colours and 26 paint to order colours, each of which totally transforms depending on whether you opt for matt or gloss. The stock colours are White, Porcelain, Savanna, Graphite, Light Grey and Mid Grey.

Click here to see further details on the Cosdon.


The Fitzroy kitchen is a great choice for your kitchen makeover as it has all the solid grace of a Shaker kitchen, beautifully restyled for the twenty-first century. It provides the perfect canvas to create a fresh and sleek space, or add warm accents for the feel of a classic British kitchen.

These are MDF kitchen doors which means they enjoy a smooth finish, which gives the shaker style a slightly more modern look that works especially well with darker tones. This is a very fuss-free design, totally true to the original shaker principles.

The Fitzroy is available in a fabulous seven stock colours, including Porcelain, Stone, Dove Grey, Partridge Grey, Dust Grey, Graphite and Hartforth Blue.

Click here to see further details on the Fitzroy.


We have a great range of handleless kitchens, but the Malmo is really something special as it is so smooth to the touch and boasts and pigment rich, flawless surface which provides an inspiringly blank canvas for colour. The Malmo has serious cool appeal, with the choice of either a lustrous matt finish or sleek and sophisticated gloss.

The doors are 22mm thick, which adds to the sense of real quality, with four stock colours and 26 paint to order colours to choose from. The stock colours are White, Anthracite, Light Grey and Porcelain. This one really is something special.

Click here to see further details on the Malmo.


Introducing you to our best selling smooth shaker style kitchen, the Oxford. This is the most popular of our modern, smooth grain shaker kitchens and it always packs a punch when we see it installed.

One of the reasons it is so popular is the fantastic selection of stock colours available, all of which look stunning painted onto the smooth MDF. The stock colours are Anthracite, Dust Grey, Indigo, Ivory, Light Grey and White, so there really is a great selection to suit all styles. The paint to order service is of course also available too.

Click here to see further details on the Oxford.


With its streamlined European influences, the ever-popular the Remo kitchen range brings you instant, unfussy sophistication. Integrated handles offer uninterrupted lines, easy opening and effortless cleaning. The overall effect is pure and simple: choose to keep the look minimalist, or add bold touches of your own interior style to this modern kitchen.

The Remo is available in both a matt and gloss finish and has eight stock colours to choose from, giving you plenty of options to personalise the kitchen totally to your taste and style.

Click here to see further details on the Remo.


We’re not saying we’ve saved the best until last, as we love all our kitchens equally, but the Welford is one of our biggest selling kitchens in the handleless range. The Welford kitchen is a handleless J Pull kitchen but with more quality to the finish than current J Pull's on the market today and perfect for that more modern look in a gloss finish.​

The 22 mm thick kitchen doors have an extra lacquered top coat, giving them extra shine and durability and they are available in seven stock colours including White, Cream, Savanna, Graphite, Light Grey, Sky Blue and Willow.

Click here to see further details on the Welford.

Keen to explore further?

Why not get in touch today to book your FREE home design visit? We cover the Oxfordshire and Berkshire areas, including, but not limited to Didcot, Abingdon, Radley, Oxford City, Wantage, Wallingford, Benson, Berinsfield, Goring, Pangbourne.

With Kitchenroom you can always be assured of:

1. First class personal service from start to finish

2. 18 mm Rigid (assembled) wall and base units with doors already fitted

3. 10 cabinet colour options (so not just white / ivory or oak) to match the colour of the kitchen

4. 2 mm ABS edged cabinets

5. Soft close Blum doors & drawers that come with a lifetime guarantee

6. 25 year guarantee on our units / 10 years on Solid wood kitchens / 7 years on MDF kitchens

7. A typical lead time of 3-4 weeks

8. We can supply only or supply and arrange to fit your new kitchen where we will take care of the whole project from start to finish

Want to know more?

Why not take a look at some of our recently completed kitchen installations?

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